IDAS is a responsible company

Social responsibility

The concept of socially responsible business is primarily aimed at increasing the responsibility of companies for the benefit of society and at the same time to achieve appropriate benefits for the companies themselves.IDAS is aware that social responsibility pays off.From the perspective of the business sector, well-designed and well-executed responsible business practices can significantly contribute to business sustainability.


IDAS operates under conditions of economic change in a society faced with high unemployment, particularly among the younger population, as well as areas of society in need of significant change, and numerous other problems. IDAS strives to help overcome these problems by trying to create jobs and employ as many workers as possible. It also offers a significant number of entrepreneurs the opportunity to become cooperation partners of IDAS, promoting their development and supporting their integration into social trends. IDAS provides financial and technical support to a variety of local suppliers.


Environmental management for IDAS is not just about complying with the law and preventing pollution. We firmly believe that the correct handling of the environment is crucial in business operations and is one of the fundamental tasks of the company, as a key factor for sustainable development. As a result of our efforts to protect the environment, in 2013 we adapted our business activities to the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental standard.