Social Responsibility

The community

IDAS acts in an environment of economic transition of our society which is confronted with a large unemployment rate (especially in the younger population), with social spheres that are in need of significant changes, and with numerous other problems. IDAS tries to contribute in resolving those problems by offering employment and employing more and more workers, and gives the opportunity to a significant number of entrepreneurs to become co-operators of IDAS, and therefore supporting their development and the inclusion in the economy. IDAS is offering technical and financial help to a big number of national suppliers.

The environment

For IDAS environmental management doesn’t mean just to abide by the law and prevent the pollution of the environment. We strongly believe that the correct relationship to the environment is very important in everyday work and is one of the fundamental tasks of our company, as a key factor in sustainable development. As the result of our efforts to save the environment, in 2013 we coordinated our business activities with the environmental standard ISO 14001.