Production sectors in which we are present

Production program

  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Our company is producing parts that are mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry. We produce parts from different types of material, depending on the requirements of our customer, and according to his technical documentation. For many years, we had mastered the production of assemblies for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We assemble the parts that we had produced with the pneumatic and electric components, and thus deliver to our customers as assemble as a functional unit.

  • Process industry

    According to the customer’s technical documentation, we produce parts for the process industry, for machines and assemblies. We also assemble components and modules in our assembly department. We produce parts in individual – prototype small series and large series quantities. Production is carried out on the most modern equipment and controlled also with most modern measuring CMM CNC and conventional equipment.

  • Mechanical engineering industry

    For many years, we have been producing various items, parts for our customers’ machines. Various types of raw materials are used for production. We produce parts individually or in batches. In our company, we offer assembly of machine parts if it is needed, according to the customer’s request. We are able to offer the following surface protections: glass bead blasting, sandblasting, anodizing, hard anodizing, burnishing, polishing, galvanizing, hard chrome plating, nitration, cementation, hardening, etc.

  • 01

    Production of parts according to the customer’s technical documentation

  • 02

    Serial SNC production