The most important resource

Human resources

The main task of human resources management means that all the time the appropriate number of employees, with the appropriate structure of qualifications and abilities, is assigned to the positions necessary for the achievement of the goals, tasks and mission of the work organization. Their creativity, innovation, motivation, and awareness are the qualities that make them different from other resources in the company. These are their main characteristics that must be recognized, allowed to be used and must be preserved.

IDAS strives to build long-term relationships with its employees by investing in worker skills development through practical training, continuing education and continuous learning. We respect employees as individuals and value their national and cultural differences. IDAS offers all employees and applicants equal opportunities. We respect everyone’s right to balance professional commitments and leisure time. We do everything we can to ensure that employees are not discriminated against in the workplace. The goal of IDAS is to develop and maintain good and healthy relationships among employees. We want employees to be proud of being part of a successful company and for IDAS to be proud of the knowledge and expertise of its employees.

Every month IDAS rewards the best employees. The award is recognition of the employees’ special achievements in their daily work and communication with colleagues over the past month.


The selection of new employees is based on many parameters. A team of experts selects from the applications received. Testing is an integral part of the selection process and we conduct multiple rounds of interviews with various committee members. A probationary period after candidate selection is a mandatory part of the process and we provide professional induction and necessary training.

In addition to the required training, experience in the machine industry is a desirable quality for our team members. Willingness to learn, work motivation and creativity are the most desired characteristics of our employees.

Become a member of our team – send your CV with photo and letter of motivation to the email: Your details will be added to our database of potential employees and you will be invited for an interview and test as soon as there is a need for an employee of your profile.