• CNC turning and millingup to: 480x1225 mm
  • CNC 5 axis millingup to: 710x520x520mm.
  • CNC milling ( univerzal  3 axes)up to: 1000X600X500 mm.
  • CNC machining centres verticalup to: 600x500x400 mm.
  • CNC machining center 4 axisup to: 300X230X230 mm.
  • CNC portal milling machineup to: 300x230x230 mm
  • CNC eroding ( wire )up to: 300x300x100 mm.
  • CNC eroding (electrode)up to: 945X650X470 mm.
  • CNC turningup to: 500×1000mm.
  • conventional turningup to: Ø1000x1000 mm.
  • horizontal borwerkup to: 1000x1000x1000 mm.
  • universal grindingup to: Ø350x2000 mm.
  • flat grindingup to: 750x350x350 mm.
  • Water jet cutting machineup to: 3000x2000 mm

List of machines