About us

Mol is located in the north of Vojvodina, on the river Tisza, between Novi Sad and Subotica, 50 km from the Hungarian-Serbian border. Most of the population is active in agriculture, but the second largest economic sector is mechanical engineering, which has a very long tradition in our district. The company IDAS was founded on July 1st, 1971 as a workshop with two employees. The production was carried out on automatic lathes and was based on the cooperative machining of turned parts. As early as 1973, the company began to manufacture parts for machine tools, and to procure special equipment for this purpose, making the manufacture of machine accessories the basis of the production program. In 1994 IDAS started producing gears, transmission components and complete gear sets, which will remain the production program until 2006.

IDAS has been a 100% family owned company for four and a half decades and today has 150 employees. The idea, development strategy and capacities are geared towards orders or production according to the customer's technical documentation, on CNC and conventional machines where we are able to manufacture a wide range of parts.
With a long tradition, we have acquired the knowledge and experience that are necessary for the production of complex precision parts.
IDAS is currently in a technological expansion and is investing a lot in new equipment and human resources so that we can raise the cooperation with our partners to the highest technological level.