ARG 260 CF-NC Automat

February 15, 2023
At the end of February, we expect our new saw. Considering the number of new machines arriving this year, we also need to increase our saw capacity. The decision fell on the band saw: Pilous...

Picking up the pace

February 7, 2023
At the beginning of February, we put our new 3 machines into operation. First at the end of January, Haas VF-2 CNC vertical milling machine arrived, and at the beginning of February, two new Haas...

Santa Claus gifts to our smallest members and the Party!

January 4, 2023
This year, as always, towards the end of the working year 2022, Idas distributed New Year's packages to its youngest members. This year, we gifted a little over 100 packets, which we are very proud...