Commissioning of new machine, Haas ST 30 Y

August 29, 2022
On 26th of August, Idas strengthened its capacities in the Lathe-Mill sector, with Haas ST 30 Y machine. Because of this, we now have about 350 turning-milling hours of capacities per week, in this S5...

Putting two new machines into operation

March 10, 2022
On  23th March 2022  -  IDAS puts two new Haas VF-2  CNC Machining Centers into operation The increase in milling capacities continues,  this year we expect two more VF machining centers,  one VF-2 and one...

Santa Claus – Banquet 2021-2022 (30.12.2021.)

January 19, 2022
According to our long tradition,  the youngest members of the families of our employees, were surprised with gifts from Santa Claus.       The ceremony later continued with the famous IDAS banquet where the...