Our Advantages

Fast adaptation and rapid change:

Due to the large number of machines that we have in our fleet, we are able to do quick change – setup, in production, and we can quickly adapt to the current demand of our customers.

Since our company is based on JUST IN-TIME production, our advantage is the fact that we always have a couple of different machines available – free, as a reserve for rapid response in case of need of our customers, or in case of failure on some machine.

Delivery on time:

Through cooperation with Western customers, we have learned that the delivery on time is one of the essential factors of sustainability and development of company, because of this, we have our own vehicles which are used to transport goods to the customer’s address, so we are very flexible with deadlines and we  worked out an excellent logistics.

European quality at reasonable prices:

Through more than 45 years of existing and more than 10 years of cooperation with the countries of Western Europe, we have gained extensive experience in the field of quality of products.

Modern equipment that we use in intermediate control as well as in the final control, and highly educated staff that resulted from the precise control of the auto industry, speaks enough of our quality control, it is our  highest and most important goal.

Flexible company:

IDAS is a company with 100 employees, for that reason we are very flexible company, which is able to quickly solve any problem for our customers, and in record time we can eliminate any incurred related problems.

Because of our highly developed and diversified machine park, almost 100% of making parts themselves , we can make in our own company.

From practice we know that this makes us a very competitive enterprise in the JUST IN-TIME business, as well as in the general business policy, requested by Western European customers.