EMO Hannover

September 27, 2023
Our team visited the EMO fair in Hannover. Among other things, the goal of the fair,  was to invest in the new modern equipment. The decision fell on the most modern CNC machines of DMG....

DEA Global

August 15, 2023
Im Juli ist unsere neue 3D-CNC-Koordinatenmessmaschine eingetroffen. Bridge CMM, DEA Global 7.10.7 Es wurde sofort in Betrieb genommen und trug zu einer schnellen und sicheren Messung sowie der automatisierten Erstellung von Messprotokollen bei.

UMC 750

Mai 30, 2023
On the 26th of May, two modern new simultaneous five-axis machines of the Ḫaas brand were put into operation. These are two UMC 750 models   With this, Idas significantly strengthened its five-axis capacities.